Our Vision

We create moments that matter, build exciting careers and bring people together through the power of sports and innovative, fun entertainment.

Creating Meaningful Connections

Topgolf is a popular destination for social seekers, families, golfers, and event organizers alike. We provide a safe, fun space for people to connect and interact.

Our venues bring an increase in footfall as well as entertainment business to the area. We thereby help create additional value to surrounding assets.

Topgolf will create greenery and open space to the whole master development. And as a tech-enabled company, Topgolf fits perfectly in areas intended for technology developments.

Through our community outreach programs, we are giving back to each area we operate in.

Topgolf’s Impact


Each venue generates >400 permanent jobs


Popular destination for domestic and international tourists alike


We embrace local communities through outreach programs


Through the actions we take and the good we do; we bring people together. We are a caring employer, a friendly neighbor and a responsible corporate citizen.

Our Projects

TG SEA Development is actively developing Topgolf venues across Southeast Asia. Read about our development progress.

Latest News

SINGAPORE / JAKARTA, INDONESIA – August 16, 2022 – TG SEA Development, an authorized developer of global golf entertainment leader...